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To make a donation to CJD Research:

You can make a donation by:

1. Please ring 1800 052466 with your credit card number and expiry date

2. Email your credit card details with amount

3. You can also donate via PayPal: (We are adding a field so that you can donate on line in memory of your loved one. Until then could you please email those details donation in memory of)

4. Post a cheque payable to:
CJD Support Group Network – Fundraising Account

To: The CJD Support Group Network
13 Araluen Place

Make a donation to CJD Research in Australia

To request personalised envelopes for donations in lieu of flowers at a funeral.

All donations will go directly to CJD research in memory of your loved one.

Contact 1800 052466

I would like to make a tax deductible donation to support the CJD Research Teams in Australia

Puchase an Awareness Ribbon

$2.00 each

Awareness Ribbon

Puchase a Bracelet in loving memory of the special people lost to CJD

All bracelets are $22.00 each (postage included)

Green Bracelet


Grey/Black Bracelet






To receive a tax deductible receipt please include your Name and Address. The 'Fundraising Event' or 'Donation in Memory of'

The CJDSGN guarantees that all donations made go directly into the CJD Pathology Account at the University of Melbourne or to support a PhD student working with Professor Simon Hawke on prion research at the University of Sydney.

Either University will forward a tax deductible receipt directly to you and an acknowledgement of the total donations and names of donors will be forwarded to the family by the CJDSGN.

Families often ask about having donations to CJD research made at a funeral in lieu of Flowers:

The CJDSGN can provide free of charge on request as many donation envelopes as you require. The envelope will show that the donation is made in the name of your loved one.

The envelopes can be collected by family or posted directly to the CJDSGN. All donations will be acknowledge with a tax deductible receipt.

We also provide the same number of brochures ‘What is CJD?’ that can help you to explain CJD to other family members and friends.

The family will be provided with names of family and friends who have made a donation and an acknowledgement of the total donation ‘In loving memory’ will be forwarded to the family.

Current Fundraising

The CJD Support Group Network and Associate Professor Steven Collins (Director of the Australian National CJD Registry and Principal Research Fellow, Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne) would like to thank the many family members and friends who have contributed to our fundraising efforts to support the purchase of a special piece of equipment called a 'zetasiser' The 'zetisiser' is sophisicated analytical equipment that will assist the research teams at the University of Melbourne. Many important questions remain to be answered in prion diseases and this equipment will assist researchers with insight into the size and structure of the most infectious and/or neurotoxic prions.

To date we have contributed $41,555 which represents some outstanding efforts by many families members who care and want to support research into a treatment or cure.

Thanks go to the follow family members, Jim, Debbie, Enza, Gail, Josephine, Lisa, Natalie and Melanie, who in memory of their loved ones, worked so hard on our fundraising dinner held in Melbourne on 16/11/10. Total raised $21395.00

Also an outstand effort by Matt whose 'CJD Ride Free' event raised $9170.00 in memory of his mother Margie.

Thanks again to our sponsors Australain Animal Care Systems Pty Ltd for contributing $5000 to the CJD Fundraising Dinner.

We would also like to acknowledge donations made in memory of so many lost to CJD - every cents helps towards an answer and hope.

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