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The CJD Support Group Network is funded by the Department of Health and Ageing and is contracted to assist and support all families affected by CJD and people who are ‘at risk of CJD’ in Australia.

This year as part of our education/awareness program we have launched a DVD ‘Understanding CJD’. Our target audience is health care professionals and we are hoping to be able to present our DVD at many conference and information sessions.

We have been assisted in the production of this DVD by Professor Colin Masters and Associated Professor Steven Collins from the Australian National CJD Registry in Melbourne and have also worked closely with several representatives of state health departments as well as infection control experts in Australia.

In order to maximum exposure and benefit, we aim to present our DVD personally and by sharing some of our experiences we hope to dispel many of the myths associated with classical CJD (cCJD) and to bring a better awareness of this rare and fatal neurological disease and more informed care for CJD patients.

We also hope that our DVD will assist health professional when dealing with an ‘at risk of CJD’, and that by working together we can create an environment where these patients feel comfortable and confident of receiving equity of care when disclosing their at risk status.

We have worked very closely with the DoHA to ensure that the DVD is current with the revised infection control guidelines that were published in December 2007.

We would be delighted to be able to present our DVD at your hospital and would appreciate the opportunity to hold a session that involved your staff other health professionals in your area. I am attaching the promotional poster and would be happy to post copies for distribution.

Our Presentations including sections of our DVD are free and take 40 – 60 minutes depending on our target audience.

We will also have copies of the DVD available for sale at presentations with the proviso it is for each facility’s own use and not copied, provided for public showing or used in any way as part of any other presentations.


DVD ‘Understanding CJD’ - Launched on 14th February 2008 at the Department of Health & Ageing in Canberra
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National Conference – ‘Understanding CJD’, Held in Melbourne 17th and 18th May 2008
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