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Hard copies of all brochures are available free of charge on request to contactus@cjdsupport.org.au or by calling 1800 052466


What is CJD? Brochure - New version updated May 2010

The CJD Support Group Network Brochure -New version updated May 2010


Handbook for Health Care professionals Published April 2010

In April 2010 we began distribution of an information package including a handbook 'Caring for a patient with suspected CJD' which was produced in April 2010.

1200 copies have already been distributed to hospitals all over Australia who have cared for, or are likely to care for a patient with suspected CJD.

This package is available to any health care professional free of charge on request.

Telephone 1800 052466 or email contactus@cjdsupport.org.au

The CJD Support Group Network We would like to acknowledge and thank the health care professionals who contributed and assisted with the handbook. assisted with the handbook.

Information Package for CJD families

Packages for families are available free of charge on request.Call 1800 052466 or email contactus@cjdsupport.org.au

We can also provide free of charge copies of our DVD 'Understanding CJD' that is informative for CJD families and friends.

Service lists are included for each state so that families can link into services available free or for a minimal charge.

We can provide mutiple copies of our brochure 'What is CJD' so that these can assist families when friends want to know more.

We are currently working on a handbook for CJD families with information to the questions that you want to know. In the meantime if families would like a copy of the handbook for health care professionals we are happy to provide that and extra copies for any nursing staff involved with your loved one. We also offer free presentations to staff caring for your loved one.

Fact Sheets:

Inherited prion disease fact sheet New version updated January 2009

Frequently asked questions for people and families affected by genetic CJD or other genetic forms of prion disease.

What is CJD?


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Surveillance of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in Australia - 2010 update - click to access current data


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