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Cocktails, Canapés and Comedy for CJD Research

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In Memory of Jenny Duckworth

After raising $18k last year for CJD research, this year the Duckworth family are aiming to raise $50k to fund local researchers in Australia.

CJD is a rare, degenerative and fatal brain disease, that affects 2 in a million people every year.

Due to the rarity and aggressive nature of this disease, funding for research is sadly limited to donations.

Since losing mum Jenny Duckworth to CJD in 2016, her children have inspired a vision that no other family will have to go through what they did.

Please join them on Saturday 17th November as they host a night of cocktails, canapés and comedy, to raise much needed funds for CJD research.

To find out more about the event and purchase tickets, click here.

To donate in memory of Jenny Duckworth, click click here.