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Book release: ‘Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. One case in a million’

By 23/02/2020News

When illness enters a person’s life, it does not ring the bell, it does not knock on the door, it does not ask for permission. It just comes in. It is silent and discreet, but then suddenly it explodes, devastates, destroys and pulverises everything it encounters on its way.

Maria Gabriella lost her dad to CJD disease.

Her story and experience of the disease first became a graduation thesis that Maria Gabriella presented a few years ago at an AIEnP meeting dedicated to family members and which today has become a testimony book of dad’s illness experienced and seen through the eyes of a daughter, and the consequences that have affected and marked her family.

Maria Gabriella is a strong woman, with an enormous inner strength. Writing her story has has helped her to overcome the pain that affected her.


Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. One case in a million
Author: Maria Gabriella Schirinzi
Publisher: Youcanprint
Pages: 132
Cover: soft
ISBN: 9788831659109
Version: English

Price: €17 plus shipping