In memory of Catherine Heagerty

In 2012 the Heagerty family lost their wife and mum Cathy to CJD, a rare, degenerative and fatal brain disease that affects 2 in a million people every year.

Sadly, donations are currently the main source of funding for much needed research into this rare and aggressive disease.

Since 2012 the Heagerty family have raised over $80k for CJD research including $22k from the fundraising dinners they have held in 2017 and 2018. At their 2018 event they proudly announced a $15k grant to A/Prof Victoria Lawson and the purchase of equipment to be used by the University of Melbourne to continue the important research into CJD.

Total raised so far to support CJD Research in Australia- $81,957.70.

City2Sea 2014- $4,705.00
City2Sea 2015- $4,900.00
A Night with The Champions 2017- $14,120.70
A Night with The Champions 2018- $10,777.00
A Night with The Champions 2019- $6,427.00
Memorial Donations 2019- $14,340.00
Memorial Donations 2021- $10,600.00
Memorial Donations 2021- $350.00

Total donated to prion disease research in Australia- $81,207.70

2015 – $4,705.00 as part of the following CJDSGN memorial award to purchase equipment: ‘CJDSGN Memorial Grant 2015 – City2Sea 2014 in memory of Catherine Heagerty, Sandra Kernahan, Ross Glasscock, Kenneth Renkin, Pamela Thomas and Stephen (Jake) O’Hara’. Awarded to Dr Matteo Senesi, Collins Laboratory, University of Melbourne -$30,000.00

2016- $4,900.00 as part of the following CJDSGN Memorial Grant ‘CJDSGN Memorial Grant – City2Sea 2015 in memory of Sandra Kernahan, Stephen (Jake) O’Hara, Catherine Heagerty, Grasso family, Victoria Larielle, Barbara Childerhouse, Marilyn Hart and Pamela Thomas‘.

2017- $8,086.49 for the purchase of equipment in memory of Catherine Heagerty. Awarded to Associate Professor Victoria Lawson, Lawson Research Group, University of Melbourne. 

2018- ‘CJDSGN Memorial Award in memory of Catherine Heagerty – $15,000.00. Awarded to Associate Professor Victoria Lawson, Lawson Research Group, University of Melbourne. Funding for consumables for 2018/2019 for Project: ‘mouse model of sporadic CJD’.

2018 – $2,635.00 allocated as part of a CJDSGN Award for the purchase of a new freezer for the Australian National CJD. $12,490.00 ‘CJDSGN 2018 Memorial Award in memory of Judith Liauw, Douglas, Catherine Heagerty and Shirley Joiner’.

2019 – $19,460.00 ‘CJDSGN 2019 Memorial Award in Memory of Catherine and Michael Heagerty’. Awarded to Catherine Uglade, La Trobe Univerisity.

2021 – $26,420.00 allocated to CJDSGN Donation 2021 in memory of Catherine & Michael Heagerty, Peter Cochrane and Merianne Brown. Awarded to ANCJDR – FLUOstar Omega for RT-QuIC.

Total held for research funding- $750.00

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