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For hospital admission staff

Classical CJD is the human form of prion disease or Transmissible Spongiform encephalopathies (TSE). Refer our ‘What is CJD’ brochure.

‘What is CJD’ Brochure

Our ‘What is CJD’ brochure is provided to hospitals free of charge. This resource may be useful during the admission process when patients enquire about CJD. Hard copies can be obtained by calling 1800 052466 or by emailing your request to

CJD should never be referred to as ‘Mad Cow Disease’

‘Mad Cow Disease’ is the media name for variant CJD, which is a form of prion disease acquired through the consumption of contaminated beef products. There have been no recorded cases of variant CJD in Australia.

If there is a positive response to a screening questionnaire on CJD during the admission process the infection control department should be contacted immediately for advice.


Disclosure of risk can be stressful so it is important that the patient feels comfortable and not discriminated against when ticking a box that indicates that they may have a risk factor.

Disclosure is a moral obligation not a legal obligation and if the patient feels stigmatised they may be reluctant to disclose their risk next time.

Please remember that being at increased risk of CJD does not mean the patient has CJD.