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Matteo discovered his passion for neuroscience while studying in Italy through an Experimental Psychology degree at uni. He later joined the Collin’s lab in 2011 starting a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in prion pathology using animal model and behavioural tests to assess the disease progression and how different brain region are affected differently by prions. After spending a year interstate, Matteo returned to the Collins lab in 2017 to run the Australian National CJD Registry diagnostic tests such as the 14-3-3 and RT-QuIC for the diagnosis of prion diseases in cerebrospinal fluid from patients. Matteo received the “International Melbourne Scholarship” to undertake his PhD at the University of Melbourne and received several CJDSGN travel awards to attend scientific conferences and present data derived from his research.

Matteo received a CJDSGN travel award in 2015 and was awarded a further 2 travel awards to attend international conferences during 2018 in memory of Silva Coehlo.  Matteo also received a CJDSGN Special Travel award for RT-QuIC training in Edinburgh in memory of Mario Papalia.